South Marston Jubilee Weekend

The official emblem of the Queen of Canada's D...

Early plans for the Queen‘s Diamond Jubilee weekend have developed as follows:

Friday 1st June

Evening Variety Concert of local performers in South Marston Church. Wine, cheese and other refreshments during the interval.

Saturday 2nd June

2-4pm. South Marston Church, School and Village Hall

An afternoon of bell ringing, fancy dress, picnic, free games and entertainment

Village Picnic, closing the road between the Church and school

Highworth Silver Band

Floral displays in the Church

South Marston old photographs exhibition in the Village Hall

We are also hoping to be able to give commemorative mugs, coins or something similar to all village children under 18.

There are several other plans being considered, perhaps a Beer Festival, and we would love to have anyone else with ideas to come to our next Jubilee meeting on Tuesday 6th. March at 7.30pm. in the Village Hall.

Anyone with any ideas or offers to help will be very welcome. If you can‘t come to the meeting but would still like to be involved, please contact Mary Case or Jenny McEwen (phone numbers below).

We are planning to seek permission to close the road between the Church and school, between Rose Cottage (on the corner of Chapel Lane) and numbers 1 and 2 Church Farm Lane.

This will be between about 1.30pm. and 4-30pm. on Saturday 2nd. June.

This will also mean that the buses will have to be re-routed on that day. If anyone has any difficulty with this or any comment, please contact either Mary Case (tel. 826038) or Jenny McEwen (tel. 825312).

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