South Marston School News – March 2012

The BBC were in school on 24th January filming the children in Victorian clothing. They all looked fantastic. The filming was for a TV programme to advertise the Alfred Williams musical which will take place in March at New College in Swindon. The children enjoyed playing Victorian playground games. Four of our children recited some of Alfred Williams’ poetry where he makes reference to South Marston Primary school. Thank you to all of the parents who provided costumes for the children and to Mrs New for doing her wonderful work on the girls’ pinafores.

On 30th January Diccon Dadey, the metal artist, came into school to install our wonderful metal sculpture. The children worked with Dadey a few months ago to design the sculpture. They had the task of thinking about what was important to them about the school. The sculpture has the school outline, a cross and children. The bands of metal surrounding the school have the values that we hold most dear. They are Trust, Truth, Compassion, Forgiveness, Love, Friendship and Thankfulness. We hope everyone will enjoy seeing the sculpture by our school entrance.

St. George and the dragon

Our school is having a big focus on Art this year and as part of this we had a whole school ‘Learn to Learn’ day based around George and the Dragon last term. We were visited by an artist and the children produced a variety of art work including a large scale tapestry of the famous painting, saltdough model dragons, stained glass pictures, watercolour paintings and even a giant collaged dragon. The art work can be seen in our main school corridor.

Big Bad Wolf

Our youngest children in preschool and class 1 really enjoyed their topic of ‘Fairytale Forest’ which ended in a woodland walk with the children, parents and grandparents round St Julian’s wood, where we found all sorts of fairytale clues. All involved really enjoyed exploring this jewel in our local area as well as discovering where the Big Bad Wolf was hiding!

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