Pollution in South Marston Brook

There has be some pollution found in the South Marston Brook in the vicinity of St Julian’s close. The Environment Agency have been investigating this today and have also laid oil absorption pads into the brook.

In case more pollution is observed, the Environment Agency Incident Hotline number is 0800 80 70 60.

I took the opportunity to speak to two of the environment agency contractors who were maintaining the absorption pads being used on the river. Apparently the source of the oil had been traced to an electrical transformer on the crown timber site, which had been disturbed in a suspected copper cabling theft. As I left at 18:00 there was still a trace layer of oil on the stream.

One thought on “Pollution in South Marston Brook”

  1. Today, I found 40 dead fish in the part of the Brooke that passes the back of my house. There is still a film of oil on the top of the water.

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