South Marston School News – April 2012

On Friday 3rd March the MP for North Swindon, Justin Tomlinson came to visit. The school council met with Justin and spoke about the school and the improvements and projects they are working on at the moment. He asked them about the election process they had been through and spoke to them about his election experiences. Justin was very impressed with our children and with the tea and cakes! In fact he stayed longer than was planned in order to have a delicious school lunch. More can be seen about his time with us on his website.

Our School Eco team have been very busy organising a campaign to support ‘reduce waste week’. This involved running an experiment by collecting all of the rubbish from lunchboxes each day, taking out what can be recycled or composted and then weighing the remainder of the rubbish. There is usually very little waste which the children take home and so we already are very Eco friendly but we wanted to see how we could do even better! As a reward for all children, Niall Tucker entered our school into a competition and won a ‘trash pack’ for everyone. This consisted of a little plastic trash can and a ‘bug’ toy inside.

On Saturday 2nd June the School will be taking part in the village Jubilee celebrations. The street party and entertainment will run from 2pm until 4pm and promises to be great fun for all the family, with everyone being encouraged to bring their own picnic to share.

The School will be contributing towards the entertainment and are also running a royal fancy dress competition for all the children on the day, encouraging them to come dressed as their favourite member of the Royal Family past or present. We look forward to seeing you there!

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