Help me find my beloved black labrador

A devastated pet owner is appealing for help from the public in finding her beloved black labrador called Mungo.

The three-year-old dog was being looked after by Sue Moss’s sister in Kingsdown when he darted out the front door, expecting his owner to be collecting him when the doorbell went.

The dog ran straight onto the road, near to The Kingsdown pub, and was hit by a car. Fortunately he was not injured in the incident and the only damage was a dented registration plate on the vehicle involved.

But Mungo ran off in the direction of the Kingsdown Crematorium before anybody could catch him. He has since been seen in Stanton Woods shortly after 5.30pm on Tuesday.

At 6.13pm, a van driver saw Mungo running northbound along the A419 towards Groundwell. The driver pulled over and tried to catch the dog , but failed.

The dog had been spotted on the A420 close to South Marston. Sue has been told by the experts that Mungo will likely not stray beyond this direct area.

Sue, 58, of Moredon, said: “We have been looking for him every day since, no matter what the weather.

“When the doorbell went at my sister’s he thought it was me coming to pick him up, but it was my sister’s daughter. I was there just five minutes later and found no dog in the house and everybody out looking for him.

“He must have been so frightened that he just ran off.

Although Mungo was not hurt when he was hit by the car, he does have an injury to his right leg and this was bandaged at the time he went missing. He was not wearing his collar but he is microchipped.

He must have gone quite far by now,” said Sue.

“I have had him since he was six months old, he is just adorable. He is fantastic, he is used to being a gun dog so he is so happy to have a home where he can be loved. He is so lively and faithful.

“He adores me, if I go to the bathroom he follows me. “We are just desperate to have him back.”

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Mungo or has any information to help Sue find him should call her on 07762 659422 or 01793 526770 .

One thought on “Help me find my beloved black labrador”

  1. Thanks Donald. The dog was seen yesterday on the A420 heading in our direction. Could dog owners out walking please keep a look out and recover the dog if possible. Having spoken to his owner yesterday, he is very friendly but clearly very nervous at the moment.

    If you should manage to catch him, feel free to bring him to the pub and we will contact the owner.

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