Roves Farm – The day after

Swindon Advertiser has now published a more detailed article including pictures regarding yesterdays fire at Rove’s Farm.

Roves Farm themselves have offered two further status updates via their Facebook page:

Following the fire on May 9th that has completely gutted our tearoom, toilets, reception barn and the seating/ pedal tractor room, we regret that we shall be unable to re-open for a few days!

Although these are early days, we very much hope to be able to open with ‘modest’ facilities within a month. All of our play areas (indoor and outside), the bale stack and animal pens remain unaffected so will be available, along with tractor rides, crafts and animal racing, as soon as we can organise reception, catering and toiletry facilities.

For those of you who are interested in knowing how the fire started, it began when the SSE fuses on the in-coming main overheated and set fire to the wood panel that they were mounted on. When we saw smoke coming from this area, we exstinguished the initial smouldering ourselves, using our own carbon dioxide extinguishers, and called SSE and the Fire Brigade. The Fire Brigade were here within minutes, but were unable to operate their water based systems until the electrical power could be turned off. Astonishingly, SSE took nearly 3 hours to arrive (having eventually sent a team from Melksham!) by which time the buildings had been destroyed.

They also have photos of the damage which has been done to the barns.

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