SMAWL Update – May 2012

Good progress has been made on the Highworth Road site this year. We have built the foundations for the bridges and done lots of planting, including a Jubilee oak tree and hedging plants from the Woodland Trust, some wildflower seeds, and over 500 bluebell bulbs. At our last work day on May 12th, the sun shone and we made progress on clearing around the new plants and digging the beds ready for more wildflower seeds. We also had a wonderful donation of some native plants, including lots of foxgloves. Plans for the coming months include the completion and installation of the bridges, the siting of a memorial bench, further work on the pond, and more planting.

We hope to have a stall at the Village Fete on July 7th, where there will be displays about work done so far and future plans, and we will be running a competition to decide the name for the Highworth Road site. Come along and see us there!

The next working day is on Saturday 9th June, from 9:30am to 4:30pm with a break for lunch from 12:30 to 1:30pm. All volunteers are very welcome, for as little or asmuch time as you can spare. There is always a range of tasks from the fairly gentle to the more strenuous, so please do come along, either to help out or just to see how the site is progressing. You can enjoy the fresh air, good company, and learn about conservation at the same time.

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For further information, please call Barry on 826697 or Susan on 824957, or email You can also read more about the group on the village website,


2 thoughts on “SMAWL Update – May 2012”

  1. As an Ex villager now living in France I am pleased that people still take an interest in the village. I left the village in 1964 when I went off to Join the military but my Father lived there for many years until his very sudden death about four years ago. It’s very strange but now I am older I have thought a lot about my very idylic childhood in South Marston. Good luck and keep up the very good work.
    Theo Hunt.

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