This is Wiltshire: help needed for Youth Club

This is Wiltshire ran the following article regarding two youth clubs in the area.


A Monday youth group in South Marston has warned it faces closure unless two adult helpers are found.

The club is appealing for volunteers to organise the tuck shop, set up and pack away, and run activities for the children.

The day-to-day administration will continue to be carried out by the youth club’s committee, with training available.

Due to a change in circumstances the main adult helpers were no longer able to run the club. Organisers have said that with only one youth helper left the club will close if volunteers do not come forward.

All that is required is a commitment of about three hours on a weekly basis.

For more details please contact Julie or Steve Hatherall at or 07923 441 296.

One thought on “This is Wiltshire: help needed for Youth Club”

  1. The thing about a village in particular is that it does need a youth club. When I was young in the late sixties we had a great youth club and it was something to look forward to. My mother ‘Minty Hunt’ also ran a rock and roll club which attracted people from all around the area. Yes we really did dance all around the ‘Dansette’ record player. We had a ‘posh’ one which was a stacker and held ten records. After the youth club we then progressed to Mens fellowship on Thursdays which was for so called grown ups. There must be someone to take this on,

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