South Marston Jubilee celebrations

This weekend’s jubilee celebrations were very successful in bringing the village together.

Swindon Advertiser had this to say:

It seemed like the whole village of South Marston was out to make a toast to Her Majesty on Saturday.

A street party in Old Vicarage Lane was so popular it took on more of a village fete feel, with the Highworth Silver Band providing musical entertainment.

Cakes were flying off the table with donations to help improve the guttering in the church, while quiz sheets were handed out to residents and plants were sold.

Everybody brought their own picnics and wine glasses were kept topped up as spirits remained high throughout the day.

The event was made possible after an advert was placed in the village magazine asking for volunteers to help out.

Angela Newton was one of the volunteers.

She said: “We are very impressed with the turn out, it is absolutely wonderful, we think most of the village have come out.”

Villager Tina Hiscocks said: “We didn’t have a party for the Royal Wedding – I think most people wanted to stay inside to watch that on television whereas this year it is a bit different and we thought people would want to do something to celebrate.

Fiona Hemmings and husband Steve, took their two children Holly, four and 15-month-old Jake along to the celebrations.

It’s all for the kids really,” said Fiona. “It’s a lovely party – we have only really got to know people in the village since Holly has been going to pre-school so it is nice, I think they have done a good job with the party.”

Valerie Goodheart, 69, has lived in the village for 14 years. “I think the Jubilee is great – it shows our Britishness, I’m all for it,” she said. “We have had a very good turn out.

See tomorrow’s Adver for pictures from all of the street parties and celebrations.

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