Police and Crime Commissioner Information Site

Wiltshire Police
Wiltshire Police (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An information site about the election of the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire has been launched.

The area on the Wiltshire Police Authority’s website – www.wiltshire-pa.gov.uk/pcc – includes details about the role and responsibilities of the forthcoming Police and Crime Commissioner and how they will be scrutinised.

Much like the existing police authority, the Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for overseeing Wiltshire Police on behalf of all residents in the Force area. They will represent people living across Wiltshire and Swindon.

Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners take place on Thursday 15 November 2012. There will then be a formal seven day transition period before the commissioner takes office on Thursday 22 November.

The Wiltshire Police area Police and Crime Commissioner will replace Wiltshire Police Authority, the group of 17 councillors and independent members who currently oversee Wiltshire Police.

You can find out more about Police and Crime Commissioners on the website – www.wiltshire-pa.gov.uk/pcc. As well as information about their role, it includes a timeline highlighting key dates in the transition from Wiltshire Police Authority to the Police and Crime Commissioner, details about the election, a news section and links to useful documents and other websites for potential candidates.

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