SMAWL Update – Sept 2012

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Since our last update, the two bridges over the ditch have been erected. There is still a bit of work to do to finish off the ends but they are looking magnificent!

Our last working day on 4th August was cut short by heavy rain, but we still managed to clear the far side of the ditch, trim back the hazel bushes, do a bit more work on the pond, and enlarge our nursery beds to provide a temporary home for the hundreds of perennial wildflower plants we’ve grown from seed. These will be planted out around the site as more areas are cleared. The wildlife is very much in residence – we’ve spotted frogs, newts and numerous mini-beasts, including bees, butterflies, bugs, bush crickets and hoverflies.

On Saturday 15th September, there will be an evening bat walk in the village led by Dr Danielle Linton from the Swindon Twilight Bat Project and Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. The walk will be preceded by a short talk. For more details, please look out for posters around the village and on the website, or contact us (details below).

The next working day is on Saturday 8th September. All volunteers will be welcomed with open arms!

For further information, please call Barry on 826697 or Susan on 824957, or email You can also read more about the group on the village website,

One thought on “SMAWL Update – Sept 2012”

  1. As a resident of South Marston but now living in France is it possible to have more photographs when posting up some of changes and improvements that happen. Thank you!
    Theo Hunt.

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