Church News – Oct 2012

English: St. Mary Magdalene Church, South Marston.

Dear Friends,

I am writing as we launch our ‘Sow for the Harvest’ Campaign.

All kinds of people are grateful for their village church. They are thankful for a quiet place to go to think, to remember loved ones and to celebrate the important occasions in life. We have people who come for baptisms, weddings and funerals and the church is used by the school and community for all kinds of events.

Our village church needs your support to remain open and keep the fabric in good order. You may not be a church goer but wouldn’t you be sad to see it closed or in a really bad state of repair?

We try to serve the community and support other organisations in their work. A good example is Meeting Point where people can gather to meet with friends, enjoy very reasonably priced refreshments (really good home made cakes). Other organisations can and do use this forum to  raise money or advertise what’s going on—for free. We pay for the hall hire and each month a committed band of volunteers set up and run it.

We all know that ‘we reap what we sow’ and if we sow little we reap little. This is an invitation to take a step forward and sow for the future of your church. It is a challenge, it may make you feel a little uncomfortable, but we hope that you will make a positive commitment. We are not just asking for financial help; we need volunteers to give of their time and talents too with prayers for every blessing,

Rev. Vicky Fleming

Priest in Charge

Sow for the Harvest

A Time to Sow—Time and Talents

These are some of the needs and opportunities you may wish to consider.

  • Bell ringing (training will be given)
  • Arrange flowers
  • Help clean the church
  • Help with refreshments at Family Service
  • Deliver leaflets and magazines
  • Be part of the Administrative Team
  • Be part of the fabric Maintenance Team
  • Social Events Planning
  • Social and Events Volunteers
  • Fundraising Planning
  • Help with Meeting Point

So consider…. The more people who take part the more we can achieve.

What we need financially

It costs £1077 per month to keep South Marston church open We do not receive any subsidies from the Government or the Church of England.

Planned Giving helps you to give regularly whether or not you are able to come to church and it helps us because we know what we are going to receive each month. This may be done through the envelope scheme or by standing order through your bank which also has the advantage of saving us bank charges.

How much? Here are some thoughts to help you:

  • Some people spend as much as £1.20 for their daily newspaper £36 a month
  • The price for a couple bottles of wine is about £10
  • A good cup of coffee in a café can cost £2.25
  • A round of drinks ? £10+?

What value do you put on the heritage of the village and the provision of a place to reflect and celebrate the major events of your life? £5, £10, £20 a month?

  • If you pay tax, the church can claim back this tax on your gift increasing the value of your gift by 25% at no extra cost to you. This means that for every £1 you donate we can claim 25p from the tax man but only if you sign a Gift Aid Declaration Form which will cover all your gifts to the church
  • Leaving a legacy in your Will is also a lovely way to remember your church and will help future generations.

What next? If you want to know more please speak to Donald Page, Richard Sansum, William Hiscocks or the Vicar, Vicky Fleming who will answer your questions and if you want to respond you may pick up forms from church or Meeting Point.

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