Friendly Club Update – Oct 2012

Recent Events

On 11th September a talk and slide show by Ron Hoskins on “Beekeeping”. He explained the work he does creating queens and super bees to help control the varroa mite which was discovered in the UK in 1992. Ron has assisted many local beekeepers in creating special hives, using microscopes and special lenses to study theses mites and producing bees that offer some protection against them. The mite deforms the bees wings and causes hive destruction. A couple of interesting facts: out of 20,000 species of bees only four make honey; the honey bee is the only insect that produce food eaten by man. Many other interesting facts are in a booklet “Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee” available from Ron. See also for more information.

Future Events

Tuesday 9 October at 2.00pm in the Village Hall.

A talk will be given by Jon King on “Auctioneering and Valuation”. This speaker has been cancelled. We will be entertained by George Fleming.

Tuesday 16 October

Our Harvest Lunch will be held at Blunsdon House Hotel at 12.00 noon.

Tuesday 13 November at 2.00pm in the Village Hall.

A talk will be given by Alan Fletcher on “Guide dogs for the blind”

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