South Marston Duck Race 2012 and Lucky Programme Draw

This was held on Saturday 15th. September, rescheduled from the cancelled Fete in July.

About 50 villagers arrived at Church Farmhouse for the Annual Duck Race. The water level in South Marston brook was rather low, due to lack of rain for the past few weeks; this was rather diferent to the conditions in July, when the Fete had to be cancelled due to a waterlogged Recreation Field.

Water in South Marston brook in July was so high that the banks were overflowing However, on the 15th. September,a few extra obstacles in the brook from newly-exposed stones only added extra hazards, particularly for duck number 14 which came within 6 inches of the finish line. It would have been the winner but for an eddy-current which deflected it into the bank, where it stubbornly remained as other ducks rushed by.

Many thanks to all who bought ducks. All 100 were sold, proceeds going to SMRA.

1st place Duck no. 37 Zach du Pluoy
2nd place Duck no. 58 Oliver Hobbs
3rd. place Duck no. 65 Carissa Essilfie
4th. place Duck no. 1 Alfie Donald
5th. place Duck no. 48 Ben Lodge

A Gallery of photos taken on the day is now available. Click on the Duck to see it.

Lucky Programme Draw
Again, this was not drawn at the Fete in July. Thank you to all who bought programmes, including many on the evening during the Party in the Park, when it was still actually raining!



No. 58 Peter Paul Hunt


No. 56 Peter Paul Hunt

1st. Prize No. 183
2nd. Prize
3rd. Prize

Please contact Rachel Case on 07545 923021 who will check the programmes
and present the winners’ prizes.

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