4 thoughts on “Panorama from the top of South Marston Church”

  1. The view from the top of the church is so very different now. Way back in the late fifties when the church was always open we would as a dare go up the tower and on to the roof at midnight just for the crack. We would spend hours up there just looking at the sky and chatting till all hours. We respected the Church greatly and always before going up we would sit in front of the alter and cross ourselves before getting up to mischief. No one in those days gave even the hiny of a thought to rob any of the beautiful things that were on display. Sadly that has all changed too. Very happy days indeed.

  2. The views from atop the Church Tower that many have enjoyed from a genuine village are rapidly declining,so,store it well into your mind as cornfields give way to PV sites,hedges to wire fences,and the fresh air to biomass power generation nb, that is if you happen to live downwind to Hunts Copse Farm,however , I still have a copy of Swindon Evening Advertiser with the original photo taken looking West from the Tower, dated 1936.

  3. It’s such a shame that we are loosing the true village enviroment especially when the village is changed and deformed into industry. It can after that never be the same. Here in Brittany thank God we still have a very strong village commuinty life. It will change but not in my life time. All changes are not always in the interests of progress as there is always aprice to pay!

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