Anti-Flooding Idea – Volunteers Needed!

Here is some good news, Network rail have granted “Me” permission to access their land so that a level survey can be done on the redundant culverts. Finding out this information might enable them to be re-opened, therefore allowing flood water flowing down from Wanborough to escape away from South Marston before it reaches the village.

I attached the anti-flood plan/map on the 17th Oct if you want to have a look.

I am now looking for a group of volunteers to help with the survey.

The survey will mainly be trying to find out the depth and volume of the streams covering the area, so helpers might get their feet wet.

Brunel Survey will be taking the lead on this project, therefore they will be training up the volunteers, so places are limited, for the first survey but there will be others during the following year as the survey will be covering the Ev area right up into Wanborough.

The volunteers will not be paid for their time or their expenses. The first survey will take just one day, day and time to be arranged but is expected to commenced within the next 6 weeks.

Please contact Adye 01793 824188


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