Police Update: November 2012

Burglary (Photo credit: phil dokas)

Please be aware that there has been an increase in burglaries in North Swindon, predominantly Abbey Meads, St Andrews Ridge and Greenmeadow areas. Entry is usually at the rear of the property and forced. If you see any vehicles that are not familiar to you and contain 3 to 4 males who look out of place, make a note of the registration, make, type and colour and report it to the police on 101. It is believed that they are using performance top range cars like BMWs Audis etc, but this does not exclude other makes.

If it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t – please choose to do something about it and report on 101.

The Police Facebook sites are really worth a look (don’t forget to tick “like”).

There are some simple measures you can put in place to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of burglary:

  • Close and lock all your doors and windows when you go out. Pay particular attention to the back of your premises – a popular entry point for burglars
  • Keep valuables and keys out of view and out of reach of windows and doors
  • Don’t leave door keys in hiding places such as under the doormat. Thieves know all the hiding places
  • Keep your shed and outbuildings locked. Your tools and ladders should be locked away as they are useful to a thief who wants to gain entry
  • Don’t leave a window open a few inches for ventilation when you go out Illuminate dark areas around the house. Burglars don’t like light!
  • Don’t leave curtains and blinds drawn in the daytime – they attract the thief
  • Property Marking Kit – having your property marked helps Police verify it has been stolen

To contact your local Police Officers please phone 101 or email them on swindonnortheastnpt@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

You can also contact CBM Marc Jackson or PCSO Juliet Evans at the Swindon Community Safety Partnership tel: 466506 or email csp@swindon.gov.uk

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