Allotment Site Update – Dec 2012

Allotments (Photo credit: muggers!)
South Marston Parish Council together with Stratton St Margaret Parish Council are intending to work together to expand the South Marston Parish Council allotment site on Highworth Road. The plot of land, formally the home of the gliding club, is leased from Honda and approximately 40% has remained unused for the past 25 years.

Some 20 or more 10×10 metre plots could be feasible if the land can be cleared. Sample excavations on the site have shown good quality top soil. However, the area is covered in thick bramble that inhibits a detailed survey.

This may involve excavation of foundations from the ex- gliding club. Excavation may uncover a water connection that could be reconnected, though at a cost. This has potential for the future but reconnection would need deeper investigation as to costs.

Stratton St Margaret Parish Council has their own ground work equipment and work force. All work to be funded by, and carried out by Stratton St Margaret Parish Councils man power and equipment, at no cost to South Marston Parish Council.

A date for clearance work has been suggested for the 10th December 2012 and is expected to last 2 days.

Letters will be sent to all allotment tenants and householders bordering the site informing them about the clearance work and the expanded site.

The final layout of new allotments and adequate car parking will be detailed in future editions of Tower & Tap and the village website.

5 thoughts on “Allotment Site Update – Dec 2012”

  1. Thanks for reply it’s just that there is electric cables running into Honda near us from the solar . I noticed when they dug there . They uncovered some huge concrete slabs . Can anyone tell me what was there before twenty five years ago .
    Thank you

  2. Perhaps best to ask someone who used the gliding club. We have no plans to use that field as the access gate to the road is not safe and the site is prone to flooding.

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