Friendly Club Recent and Future Events


The Friendly Club – Recent Events

Tuesday 13th November

A talk was be given by Alan Fletcher on “Guide dogs for the blind” He brought his dog Joy with him which he has had for over six years. He and his wife Shirley informed us how from the first steps of puppy selection to the training of the dogs and people who are recipients of a dog are carried out. It was very informative and we were made aware of the hard work the many volunteers do to make the whole system work. There is a high cost, covered mainly by donations, to reach this final achievement of a fully trained working dog.

The Friendly Club – Future Events.

Tuesday 11th December – Christmas lunch

Our Christmas Lunch for club members is to be held at the Barrington Arms Hotel at 12 noon. The entertainment will be by Ken & Steve.

Tuesday 18th December – Christmas Concert at South Marston School.

The school has invited members to attend their Christmas Concert. It is being held at the school and starts at 2.00pm.

Tuesday 8th January – In the Village Hall at 2.00pm

A talk will be given by Lynda Warren on the topic The Wartime Kitchen.

Tuesday 12th February – In the Village Hall at 2.00pm

A talk will be given by Gail Leaman on the work of the Wiltshire Search and Rescue Team

Best wishes for  Christmas and the New Year to our members.

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