Village Expansion: The Pace Quickens

Swindon Borough Council LogoSwindon Borough Council (SBC) has published their draft ‘Local Plan’ for public Consultation. It can be found at: This is the updated version of what was previously called the Core Strategy. This strategy was consulted on a couple of years ago. The Local Plan will govern how Swindon will expand in the period to 2026 and includes the specific provisions for expansion in South Marston and the new village of 1500-2000 houses at Rowborough as well as another 5500 houses to the South of the A420. It also makes general policy points, for instance on renewable energy, where the Parish Council share the concerns of Ill Wind that large wind turbines may be making a return in specific areas highlighted in the Local Plan.

The Parish Council will be making submissions on behalf of the village, but we encourage all villagers to read this document and put in their responses to the Borough Council direct before the 21st February deadline.

The Parish Council Expansion Sub Committee continues to work on the South Marston village Planning Document (known as the SPD or supplementary planning document). This is supplemental to the Local plan and so is bound by the more general statements in it. The developers are now expected to concentrate on the area North of the A420, although they tell us that there is considerable technical work still to be done. Our current plan, in line with Swindon BC, is to finalise the SPD so that it can go to Public Consultation in the Spring and then go on to be adopted as part of the Local Plan. It would then have to be respected by any future application for development.


If you would like to become involved with this planning process and would like to find out how to do so, then please contact the Parish Clerk on 01793 820529.

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