SMRA Update – March 2013

Annual General Meeting

SMRA’s AGM will be held on Wednesday 13th March at 7pm. in the Village Hall.

If you have any questions or comments on the Playing Field or Village Hall, you are most welcome to come to the meeting;  if you are interested in joining the committee, you would also be made very welcome.


As Spring approaches, we are looking for a couple more volunteers to be on the grass-cutting rota for the Playing Field.

It would be particularly good if one or two parents of younger village children would be able to help.

As well as general use outside school hours, South Marston School uses the field for football training and matches, Sports Day and general use during the summer time for sports and playtime.

Our current volunteers have been taking their turns for years, and some new blood would be much appreciated – at least 1 volunteer will not be able to help this year, due to ill-health.

If you are able to spare about 3 hours once every 8 weeks we would love to hear from you. Any day of your allocated week would do, but the closer to the weekend, the better.

Please ring Jenny McEwen on 825312
Many thanks

Grass (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

Thank You

There are some particular Christmas thank you’s from SMRA.                                                                             Firstly to Father Christmas, who came to Meeting Point on December 8th. and was met by 39 village children.

Dale Wildern again donated the village Christmas tree which was kindly put up outside the Village Hall by Steve Case, Adam Rudnik and Ben Case. Kate and John Shepard kindly donated some of the tree lights. Thanks also to Steve Case for removing the large tree afterwards.

Annual thanks to our 100 Club collectors Rosemary New, Richard Sansum, Jill Comley, Mary Case, Jenny McEwen and to all of you who subscribe.

Grass-cutting on the field is done exclusively by volunteers; this saves the village about £3000 a year. Many thanks to Lionel Cave-Ayland, Alan Philips, Simon Wright-Cooper, Gary Comley and Chris Maull who generally also oversees field maintenance. More grass-cutting volunteers would be welcome! If we have 8 volunteers, it would only be about 3 times a year. Please contact Jenny McEwen on 825312.

Colin and Jenny
Jenny McEwen and Jean Franklin

Finally to Jean Franklin, who retired from SMRA  and the Parish Council a few years ago after years of service. There is now a bench in the conservation area along Highworth Road between the Post Office and the bungalows. We have put a plaque on there to thank Jean for all she has done and hope that you have seen the photographs on the website of Jean ceremonially  sitting on the bench.

Happy Christmas from us all at SMRA. Our meetings are every second Wednesday of the month and are currently held at Julie Hatherall’s house- 6, Church Ground, if anyone would care to come and have a cup of tea with us and discuss Playing Field matters.

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