AEE Planning Application – March 2013

aee logoAEE Renewables have submitted a planning application for a second phase of Solar Panels in fields around South Marston. Ralph Doering and Adam Withers from AEE attended the South Marston Parish Council Meeting in February.

Key questions they were asked included:

  • Flooding  – The drainage has been designed by Ben Ridge a leading flood risk engineer at H2OK. Any possible risk of increased flooding has been eliminated.
  • Archaeology – An area of archaeological significance were discovered on the site including evidence of a Roman Villa. Above these areas the panels will have gabion wall foundations. In all other areas pile foundations will be used. No concrete foundations will be used on this new development. It might be possible to display the clay fragments found on the site in the Village Hall.
  • Landscape and Environmental Management – A robust drawing of the proposed new hedgerow and tree planting is considered essential by the Parish Council. Such a drawing is not yet available.
  • Construction Traffic – AEE gave a guarantee that HGV’s will not be
    allowed to park in South Marston. The compound will be built first so that this does not happen.
  • Footpaths – AEE would like to know your opinion on which ‘circular’ routes around and across the proposed site would benefit our community best.

Further details are available on the South Marston Website
or on AEE’s Sevor Farm Blog


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