Meet Barry Thunder – SMPC Councillor

Barry Thunder keen cyclist and parish councillor
Barry Thunder keen cyclist and parish councillor

When working on the initial clearance of the conservation site, some three years ago, I was working alongside two parish councillors who told me about the work of the Parish Council. To be honest, I had no idea what the Parish Council did!

But having lived in South Marston for 25 years, I decided it was time to become more involved in village matters, so I duly sent in my election papers and waited for more details, I fully expected to have to tell more people than my immediate neighbours to vote for me! But nine people applied for nine vacancies, so suddenly I was a parish councillor.

After my first meeting, I found myself as the liaison for the allotments and part of the finance working group. After 3 years this has extended to include planning applications and the village development working group. As membership of these groups is pirely voluntary, maybe I should take more care in what I agree to become involved in.

But having said that, I have found that I enjoy the tasks (well most of them!) and that learning new skill has given me a range of interests that has become more enjoyable.

#And yes, I am still working with the conservation group, who are looking to gain more volunteers. Why not come along to a Parish Council meeting and see what we do?

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