South Marston Allotments

allotmentWe are lucky, in that the village has allotments just on the outskirts of the village and in a very peaceful setting. At this time, we have 28 plots of varying sizes. The cost of a plot is currently £25 a year for village residents.

We can grow vegetables, fruit and flowers but we are not allowed to graze sheep, chickens or other animals!

Alison Thunder enjoying a well-earned tea break
Alison Thunder enjoying a well-earned tea break

In sunny weather it is a delightful location to spend a quiet afternoon working away from the pressures of home and TV. It is good exercise as well. However, we currently have two vacancies, but no villagers on the waiting list to take them up. Hence my little note here. The Parish Council manage these plots and like to offer them to villagers first, but if there is no one on the waiting list, we do offer them to nearby parishes on a first come first served basis.
So if you would like to grow your own vegetables etc, put your name down on the waiting list for an allotment. Please give me a call on 826697 or email

Barry Thunder,
South Marston Parish
Council – Allotment

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