Car theft from School Car Park

This morning, a parent has had her car stolen from her parking spot by the gate into the field.

The school children were leaving via coach for a trip to the coast and many parents were there to wave them off.

During this short time the car was stolen. The owner is reporting this to the police as I write this. I am told that the driver had left the keys in the car ignition, as she only expected to be parked for a few minutes.

The following has been provided by the school

We are shocked to report that a car belonging to a parent was stolen this morning, at about 11.10am, as we were waving the Year 6 children off on their visit to the Isle of Wight. Unfortunately the keys were left inside as they only expected to be here a couple of minutes.

The car is highly noticable so please let the police know if you see it. It is a red Kia Picanto which has pink flowers on the back and ‘Powered by Fairydust’ written near the rear numberplate. The registration is P666 JOY which is also very noticable.

The school’s CCTV is purely a camera on the gate so we can let people in and out. It does not record just in case you were wondering.

Finally, please do not leave your car unlocked no matter how short a period of time it may be.

Please inform the police if you observed any related suspicious activity.

Wiltshire Police: Police Community Support Officer: Juliet Evans:

Tel: 0845 408 7000

Barry Thunder

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