Development Meeting: Tuesday 23rd July 2013

English: Footpath entrance, Nightingale Lane, ...
English: Footpath entrance, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon Nightingale Lane is a small thoroughfare serving mainly Nightingale Farm about 500 metres to the north-east. The footpath route from here is to the east south east via Rowborough Farm until it connects with the A420 road to Oxford. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WHY? If you would like to learn more about how the village is likely to expand with the proposed housing development, then this is the day to do it!

WHERE & WHEN? Join us at the Mercure Hotel in the village, between 3pm and 8pm. Come as a family or on your own—all are welcome.

WHAT WILL YOU SEE? Detailed proposals about how the development could be structured, what should be in the village and how it will retain its character, but with more houses in it. There will also be information about the proposed housing development at Rowborough as well as the building plans for south of the A420.

WHY IS THIS EVENT DIFFERENT? Feedback from previous village events has guided how the Parish Council has worked with Swindon Borough Planners and the Developers up to now. This summer is the final opportunity to influence the overall shape of any future development. We expect the first actual planning application to be submitted for Rowborough and South Marston village before the end of the year.

CAN I ASK QUESTIONS AND GIVE MY VIEWS? Parish Councillors, Developers and others will be on hand to provide more information. You will be invited to make comments and share ideas either at the event or once you return home. All comments will be reviewed and taken into consideration.

In the next few weeks, every house in South Marston will receive a leaflet explaining in more detail what will happen at the event.

We hope to see you on the 23rd July

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