Important message from Wiltshire Police

Shattered glass marks the spot where a parked ...
Shattered glass marks the spot where a parked vehicle was broken into, this type of theft is referred to as “theft without keys”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Following the recent theft of a car from the South Marston School car park, please make sure your vehicle is always locked when you leave it and the keys are removed from the ignition. If a vehicle is stolen when the keys are in the ignition your car insurance would be invalid.

Recently there have been two thefts from motor vehicles at beauty spots in this area, one being Nightingale Wood. Please ensure no valuable items such as handbags, Sat Navs, coats etc are left on show in your vehicle when left unattended. Also, for those who visit these areas for walking their dog etc, if you see any suspicious persons or vehicles please report this to the Police immediately.

Please ensure your sheds, summerhouses and garages are locked when you are not about; thieves/burglars may steal items from these buildings or use items in them to help break into your property. Also thieves/burglars may use these buildings to hide in or store stolen goods which they will later return to collect.

During the hot weather it is very important to remember to shut and lock all windows and doors when you go out. Even a small casement window left open can provide a thief with a quick and simple way into a house. Please don’t be tempted to leave anything unlatched, even during a short absence from home.

Even when you are at home in the back of the house or in the back garden, make sure the front of the house is secure. Anyone can take advantage of an open or unlocked door or window to quickly nip in and help themselves to your valuables!

Crime Prevention Officers for Wiltshire Police can be contacted for home security advice etc, by telephoning 101

South Marston is a safe place to live with a very low crime rate but crime can happen anywhere so be sensible and alert!

PC Marc Jackson
PSCO Juliet Evans
South Marston Neighbourhood Watch

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