Flood Mitigation Works – 8th July

Swindon Borough Council LogoSwindon Borough Council are scheduled to start work on the South Marston Flood Alleviation Scheme works. These works will include highway drainage remedial and improvement works at Highworth Road, the village centre and Thornhill Road.

The remedial works include clearing the drainage networks and replacing the existing defective sewers as identified by CCTV inspection. In general, this will need locating the defects, excavate and cut out the existing section of the defective sewer and replace with new sewer of similar size and material. The gully connections on line of sewers shall be made via suitable size branch junction. Each section of replaced pipe will need to be cleaned and CCTV surveyed after the repair has been completed.

The works will start on 8th July with the Thornhill Road section.

Ref:  TD266 ‘South Marston Flood Mitigation Scheme’

Flood works map

One thought on “Flood Mitigation Works – 8th July”

  1. Nice to see SBC finally getting around to this work, at least 3 years after they promised.

    I note however that there is no mention of the works personally promised by Rod Bluh for the section from Rowborough Lane to the railway bridge by the Carpenters to alleviate the flooding of Old Vicarage Lane.

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