Planning Response – Sevor Farm Solar Farm

Application Number:S/13/0165/HC

Proposal:                Installation of a Solar Farm

Site Address:         Sevor Farm, Nightingale Lane, South Marston, Swindon SN3 4SL


South Marston Parish Council commented as follows:

In light of problems with AEE Renewables construction of an earlier Solar Farm within South Marston, it is strongly recommended that the following conditions are imposed on any planning approval:

  1. No parking is permitted in Old Vicarage Lane of any vehicles associated with construction at the site.
  2. No vehicles associated with the construction should proceed north of the junction of Nightingale Lane and Old Vicarage Lane towards Pound Corner.
  3. No parking anywhere in the village or wider South Marston Parish of HGVs except in designated HGV parking areas.
  4. These parking and movement restrictions should remain in force throughout the life of the site for maintenance, repair and dismantling activities
  5. Any damage to Old Vicarage Lane and Nightingale Lane resulting from movements of vehicles associated with the construction should be put right on completion of construction work.
  6. The site should be fully cleared within 4 weeks of construction being completed.
  7. All new and existing footpaths should be re-instated to a good condition and fit for purpose before the site opens.
  8. Appropriate contact details to be provided to the Parish Council for the reporting of any problems during construction (e.g. noise, damage, parking) and in subsequent operation (e.g. damage to fencing, vandalism, lack of hedge screening, sheep grazing issues).
  9. Work is restricted to daylight hours only; 0800 to 1800 weekdays, 0800 to 1300 Saturdays, no working on Sundays.

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