F & E Harris Memorial Trust – New Community Transport Scheme

The Trust will be funding a community door-to-door transport scheme. It is designed to help people aged 55 and over who live in South Marston to get out and about and who do not have their own transport. The scheme started operation on the 1st January 2014. It will be free of charge to users

The scheme will be run by Royal Voluntary Service Transport (RVST) based in Liden on behalf of the Trust. Those who require the use of the scheme will need to register their details with RVST before booking a service requirement.  Drivers operating with RVST are volunteers and will stay with the client, help if required, or be available during total journey time.

The contact telephone number to register personal details for the scheme is 01793 465552.

The scheme will typically cover transport needs for trips such as attending health appointments, shopping trips and visits to family and friends. A more comprehensive listing of acceptable uses and conditions produced by the Trust is available when registering with RVST.  .

The Trust is looking for volunteer drivers to work with the volunteer drivers employed by RVST. Training, operating method and contract details will be supplied by RVST. Contact: Brian McGlone 01793 826243 if you are interested in volunteering or by contacting RVST.

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