Wiltshire Police Update – Focus on Garden Crime

Logo of Wiltshire PoliceOver the past few weeks there have been a number of reported thefts from gardens in villages around Highworth. On 28th November and 12th December, saddle stones were taken from Sevenhampton. On 18th December a post-box (which is a 4ft high metal plinth with a concrete dove cot on top) was taken from Inglesham.

Please be aware of suspicious vehicles or persons taking a interest in garden ornaments or furniture. If you have any informaon regarding the thefts, please contact PC 1945 Jackson on 101 or call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

General garden security advice includes:

  • When planting, put heavy stone in the bottom of pots or planters to make them more difficult to be moved.
  • If possible, anchor valuable garden ornaments or furniture to the ground and keep a photographic record to help officers to trace items back to their owner.
  • Security mark items in your shed and any valuable items that might be in your garden.
  • Make sure your shed is secure, that there are no panels which could be easily damaged and fit good quality locks and an alarm.
  • Consider securing items such as ladders, bikes or large power tools in your shed by chaining them to a strong anchor point.
  • Put all your tools and any children’s bikes or outdoor toys securely away once they are finished with.
  • Planting bushes with prickly leaves or thorns close to any entry points could deter a potential thief. A gravel pathway or driveway can also act as a good deterrent.
  • Consider installing outdoor moon-sensor security lights.
  • If you are away on holiday, ask your neighbours or a friend to keep an eye on your home and garden.

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