The Simple Approach

Somemes the simple approach to a problem can achieve the desired result.

This has proven to be the case when the village school wanted to improve safety for the children at drop off and pick up mes. Both the car park and the footpath in front of the school were key problem areas

One of the school Governors, a Parish Councillor and the Head Teacher worked together to get things moving.

The car park was marked out for two disabled parking spaces and a safe walking zone for all pedestrians. This was achieved by utilising the company contracted to mark out sports areas in the school playground to also undertake the work in the car park. Funding for this was a shared cost between the school and the Parish Council.

The footpath in front of the school has long been a safety risk to all pedestrians and together with constant flooding, has made life unpleasant for all using it.

With the support from the Borough drainage team, the underground pipes were cleared of tree roots, solving most of the flooding problems. The contractors laying the high voltage cable through the village were “persuaded” to fund the removal of the old footpath surface and to lay a new tarmac surface. The school worked with the parents, so that these works could take place during the morning drop-off time.

Next on the safety list is the creation of a school safety zone along Old Vicarage Lane. It is hoped that this can form part of the overall village 20 mph zone to help control “rat running” through the village.

Further village initiaves will include improvements to footpath 17 (which runs through the solar farm on the Highworth Road to Nightingale Lane) as well as work on the drainage ditches from Highworth Road to Nightingale Lane.

If YOU would like to become involved in any works or planning connected to improving the village environment, please contact the Parish Clerk, Amanda Burchell on 07804 225571 or email on

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