SMPC Supplementary Briefing to Councillors – S/OUT/13/1555

Photo taken by Alastair Rosser 2013

Photo taken by Alastair Rosser 2013

HHL, the developers who recently submitted planning application S/OUT/13/1555,  have offered to hold a briefing event to Swindon Councillors, which has been publicised through the weekly Members Bulletin.  South Marston Parish Council  took the opportunity of sending an email to all recipients confirming the PC’s position on the application, extracts of which are given below:

The South Marston community has long appreciated that major expansion is inevitable and has supported the Parish Council in taking a proactive and strategic approach.  Our overarching aim is to ensure that the development is deliverable and creates sustainable communities within the Eastern Villages whilst not exacerbating existing issues, in particular with the road networks and with flood risk. 

South Marston Parish Council wishes you to know that we are not objecting to this outline application in principle, and do not rely on the question of prematurity to ask that it be refused.  We want South Marston Village to be the first phase of the overall Eastern Villages development so as to ensure prompt construction and avoid further unnecessary delays.  However, this is by no means a satisfactory application as can be seen from our formal response submitted on the 31 December 2013. 

 We intend to continue working with the Borough Officers and the developers on revisions to this planning application to deliver consistency with the draft Local Plan and adequate infrastructure provision, neither of which are currently achieved by these proposals. 

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