Swindon Advertiser: Concern at lack of detail in 2380 home plans

Swindon Advertiser today ran the following article:

South Marston Parish Council are becoming frustrated with what they see as a lack of co-operation from developers for a proposed 2,380-home expansion.

The application, which was submitted in November of last year, would see an area four times the size of the village marked out for new housing.

While negotiations continue, the parish council hopes its own housing blueprint can be confirmed before a concrete plan is agreed.

The council’s vice chairman Sylvia Brown said: “We are not getting the co-operation we deserve. We have been talking to developers for three years. Every time we ask them to do something in order to move to the next stage they came back with something else. We have had outline applications in the past where significant issues have been glossed over in the detailed application. They are relying on the lack of conditions on outline planning permission to get away with it. That cannot happen with a development of this size.”

Objections lodged by the parish council include a lack of detail in the road network and fears around drainage and flooding.

”We are not objecting to the plans because they are premature, we are simply objecting to the proposals put forward,” Sylvia said.

“The infrastructure in terms of road networks and facilities are inadequate to provide what is required under the Local Plan. The plan is going for examination in public in May, and it is likely this won’t be determined before then because there is so much work to be done. We are happy for it not to be rejected but for discussions to continue.”

A spokesman for David Lock Associates, agents for the application, said: “The area to the east of Swindon has been identified as a potential area for growth for a number of years.

“The Local Plan is being examined by a planning inspector and one area that he will scrutinise will be the deliverability of schemes identified in the plan to meet the housing requirement for Swindon.”

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