Parish Council: Roads and Connectivity Resolutions

The Parish Council discussed the issues of roads and connectivity at the Parish Council meeting on the 18th February 2014. The following resolutions were passed unanimously, with all Parish Councillors in attendance:

Consultation over the last few years has confirmed that the top concern of local residents is the impact by development on local road networks and junctions onto the A420. A particular cause of concern is the likely increase in traffic using Pound Corner and Old Vicarage Lane to access the planned new community facilities and school.

Resolution 1:

  • South Marston Parish Council confirms its agreement with the draft SM SPD’s proposal/requirement for a road link connecting the new areas of development running north of Manor Farmhouse. This should provide road access into the village central area from the south and from the west rather than via a ‘bypass’ and existing village roads as suggested by the developer’s outline planning application.
  • To enable this to happen, the Parish Council is willing to allow access across the southern end of the existing recreation ground to the school and community facilities provided the community gains the compensatory green open space behind Bell Gardens.
  • The Parish Council will continue negotiations with HHL and other developers to achieve an integrated plan for the village, consistent with the draft Supplementary Planning Documents and Local Plan.

Resolution 2:

Housing development at Crown Timber has previously been refused as being too remote from the village centre. The Parish Council will oppose residential development of the Crown Timber or Thornhill sites without:

  • A satisfactory footpath provision from the site to the centre of the village in the first phase of development.
  • A design layout for both sites that enables appropriate links with the proposed Eastern Villages development for pedestrians and cyclists as well as cars.

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