BBC: Swindon 40 hectare business park plans submitted

BBC WiltshireOriginally from the BBC News website: here

Plans for a large business park in Swindon, which developers say could create 2,000 jobs, have been submitted.

The application is for a 40-hectare site by the A420 at Marston Farm, near a proposed area of new homes, schools, health facilities and improved roads.

According to Gleeson Developments Ltd, the eastern area of Swindon would “see a significant investment”.

However South Marston Parish Council has raised concerns about how the site will work as an employment park.

Sylvia BrownSylvia Young, the council’s vice chair, said: “I think our problems are not that it’s an application on a green field site with no infrastructure – it’s that it doesn’t contribute enough to making it work as an employment park.

“As a standalone application it is not connected well enough in terms of the road infrastructure, walking and cycling to the site, and there are definite difficulties with the capacity of the road to take the HGV traffic despite what the developers are proposing to do.

Gleeson Developments Ltd and Portfolio Holdings, which are promoting the scheme known as ‘the Hub’, have said the jobs will be across a range of employment sectors including office, logistics support, drivers and warehouse staff.

Scott Chamberlin, from Gleeson Developments, said: “There are significant and immediate requirements within and around Swindon Borough for new commercial space, particularly larger distribution warehouses of up to one million square foot.

“By providing the opportunity to live and work in the same area, it is not only sustainable but provides a further boost to the local economy as residents re-invest salaries in the local housing, retail and leisure market.”

Planning Application: S/OUT/14/0253

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