Youth Club Dates and Summer Fete

Youth Club Dates:

Here is the list of dates for September-December 2014.


    • 8 and 22 September
    • 6 and 20 October
    • 3 and 17 November
    • 1 December and 15 December


    • 5 and 19 September
    • 3 and 17 October
    • 14 and 28 November
    • 12 December

Saturday 19 July 2014 – South Marston Summer Fete

The Youth Club is running a tombola, tuck shop, and bric-a-brac stall at the Summer Fete and we desperately need donations for this please. Unwanted gifts, bottle of wine, toys, sweets and chocs, toiletries, all would be gratefully received. Do come along and support us and if you can spare half an hour or so to give us a break from running the stalls we would very much appreciate it. The Fete is 2-5pm with an evening event starting at 7pm with live music, food, bar and of course, The Youth Club Tuck and Glow Shop! It would be great to see you at this family event.

As always the Youth Club will be running the Tuck shop at the Meeting Point (second Saturday of each month in Village Hall) so come along and buy your sweets for the weekend!!

I would like to say a big thanks to our team for the help and support they have given the Youth Club over the year, it hasn’t been easy at times to keep the club running but so far we have managed it but volunteers are needed still. We are in need of a regular helper for Friday’s as at times we struggle so please put your name down next to a date in our register to help (available each Youth Club night).

We welcome any parents/grandparents/older brothers and sisters who would like to help us in any way. If you can look after the tuck shop and make a cup of tea, that would be a great help, leaving the regular staff time to spend with the children and various activities that we run, or if you prefer you can help with the activities themselves. It is up to you – any help is welcomed.

Julie and Steve

South Marston Youth Club Team

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