Nightingale Woods

We have been approached by the Forestry Commission with a view to working with them to develop Nightingale Wood for the benefit of
local residents. They are looking to us for ideas of how we might
improve the woodland walking experience. Some of the ideas to date include creating a wildflower meadow, opening up a wetland area and adding one or two open glades inside the woodland. Supervised tasks could include thinning of low branches and opening up the under canopy to more light. Light maintenance tasks may also be included, together with roles for younger family members from litter removal and wildlife spotting. There are already several village residents expresing interest in this.
If you wish to find out more, please contact Barry Thunder at:

6 thoughts on “Nightingale Woods”

  1. It would be so lovely to see once more a water meadow. There used to be one at the back of Case’s Farm and it was such a beautiful sight some days.
    Also what about growing Hazel and managing it so that some of the old crafts can be demonstrated. So many things can be made from Hazel.
    Theo Hunt.

    1. Hello Theo, excellent ideas and one that we are discussing with the Forrestry Commision who own the woods. Are you interested in taking up a role in a new group of volunteers? Your interests are the very thing you need in order to creat a varied woodland scene. Please contact me on

  2. As a wildlife photographer who lives in the village i would like something done about the large amounts of dog litter left all over the place, it is not a good place to take children because of this and the smell of ammonia on hot days is very evident. The wildlife hide is a waste of time because the meadow in front is not managed and the grass is so high nothing can be seen from the windows, i have put bird feeders up outside the hide but it is like trekking in the jungle to fill them up.

    1. Hello Terry. Thank you for your comments. We are also concerned about dog waste. We are in the process of replacing several of the existing dog bins and adding a few more. However without the co-operation of the dog owners, this will not completely solve the problem. We are also sorry to see the meadow in such poor shape, hence our attempt to set up a volunteer group. Are you interested in taking a role in such a group? Please contace me on if you are.

  3. Hi Barry. Dog litter has to be the No 1 issue for improvement. Nightingale woods are enjoyed by many; walkers, families, pensioners and also dog owners. Having walked our grandchildren around the forest it is amazing how their shoes are attracted to dog poo! We need to make owners more aware of their responsibilities to others who are also there to enjoy the wonderful facility. A number of signs around the walks may help and a series of signs, as cars drive in, could also help. Each sign could have a few words saying something along the lines of “DOG OWNERS / PLEASE THINK OF OTHERS / ESPECIALLY CHILDREN / PICKUP YOUR DOG’S LITTER / THANK YOU. These signs could be placed about 10-20 meters apart. In addition I think another dog litter bin is needed at the main car park.

    Priority No 2 has to be keeping the growth under control. This year has, more than ever, seen nettles and other weeds growing to impressive heights. If the necessary tools are provided then I am sure the volunteers will be able to carry out the required surgery.

    Priority No 3 has to be for a very large litter bin to be positioned at the main car park. A number of families often use the area for picnics and, therefore, a litter bin would help with the waste.

    I also agree with the other comments.

    1. Hello Al. Thank you for these thoughts. The Dog litter issues is seen to be a big problem. When we next meet up with the FC, that will be a certain item for discussion. We are coming to the end of our current dog bin contract and we are inviting tenders for a complete service to include replacements as well as weekly emptying. The are several ideas about how to encourage dog owners to take responsibility for their dogs waste, we need to be certain that we spend public money wisely and to long lasting effect. We will be certain to invite you and any other interested users of the Woods, to an ititial meeting of the new group.

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