Wiltshire Police – Swindon North Neighbourhood Policing Team

Drop in Sessions in February, March and April 2015

The aim of Neighbourhood Policing is to have a dedicated policing team in your local community. We are here to tackle the issues that you feel are affecting the quality of life in the area in which you live.  We will work together with other agencies to deal with your concerns.

 What matters most in your community?

What affects you? Tell us your views!

 If you would like to see one of your local Neighbourhood Policing Team we will be holding drop in sessions at the following times: –

Castle Eaton  Village Hall         10.00 – 11.00am,  19th March and       2nd  April  

Blunsdon Shop                                9.00 – 10.00am,      28th February

South Marston Village Hall    10.00 – 11.30am,  14th February  

Stanton Park                                    12.00 – 1.00pm,     28th February

Jolly Tar, Hannington                 7.00 – 8.00pm         24th  March

If you are unable to make any of these event please don’t hesitate to call 101 to speak to either our Crime Prevention Officer who will be happy to talk to you, or to speak to your local Neighbourhood Policing Team.

In an EMERGENCY dial 999, all NON-EMERGENCY calls dial 101

(Your call will be recorded)




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