Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool

 The Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool Needs your help.

We need the Voices of the people of Swindon to tell everyone who we are and where we are.

There are so many more people in Swindon and beyond who we could help.

The pool is a warm water therapy pool for people with disabilities ranging from bad backs, arthritis to cerebral palsy. Any condition you can think of we cater for. Whether the problem is permanent or temporary. With the water temperature at 34c is a nice environment to soothe away any aches and pains.

The pool is a stand alone charity and has been since 1979 when the pool opened. We get no funding from the NHS or local Government.

To use us you will need to be referred by your G.P. or physio. The referral forms are available to down load from our website or you can come to the pool and pick one up in person. The website has more information about the pool for you to look at.

We are situated in Jefferies Avenue, Upper Stratton. Next door to Crowdys Hill School.

I can guarantee that you will know more than one person who would benefit from hydrotherapy and I also bet most do not even know we have a hydrotherapy pool available to everyone with a need. So again please please put the word out about the fantastic facility called the Thamesdown Hydrotherapy Pool and get more people the therapy they need or even on the road to recovery.

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