Bus Service Route 65


Hello Neighbour,

Stagecoach will withdraw the 65 bus service from 1st June, 2015.

Your Parish Council has tried unsuccessfully to influence this decision. If this affects you please contact The Parish Council via the Clerk: Joan Britton      Tel: 01793 686150   

Free transport is available for those living in the village age 55 and over.

Please see below for further details of South Marston Community Transport Scheme funded by the F & E Memorial Trust.

The Parish Council will continue to monitor the situation.

Updates will be posted on the village notice boards and website

The F & E Harris Memorial Trust. Community Transport Scheme – conditions of use. 

  1. The scheme is for people living in the Parish of South Marston who are aged 55 and over.
  2. The scheme objective is to provide transport for people who do not have their own transport.
  3. People who normally would have transport facilities but are temporarily unable to drive will be eligible to use the service.
  4. People will be required to register their personal details with Royal Voluntary Service -Swindon, (RVS) prior to using the service. Call 01793 465552 for registration and service booking
  5. If the person has the need for a carer the carer can accompany the person irrespective of the carer’s age.
  6. If disabled access is required this can normally be provided but may have some limitations depending on degree of disability. Volunteers are not trained to lift people.
  7. If the person requires a travel companion this will be eligible.
  8. Journeys can be taken as a door-to-door service. The volunteer car driver will be available to assist the person for the duration of the outing to suit the person’s requirements.
  9. If the car driver is not required to stay with the person during the outing a pick up time can be arrange with the driver by telephone or a pre- arranged time.
  10. No payment will be required by the user if a person’s journey is not greater than 100 miles including the return journey. All details of the journey will be recorded by RVS and charged directly to the Trust.
  11.  If the total journey exceeds the 100 mile limit the cost for the additional mileage to be paid directly to RVS by the person booking the journey.
  12. It is anticipated by the Trust that the service being provided is to accommodate activities such as the following but not limited to this list.
    • Visit to doctor, hospital, dentist and other similar medical requirements.
    • Visit to shops including outlet centres
    • Visit to the theatre or other entertainment establishments
    • Visit to friends or relatives
    • Visit to a place of interest.
  13. All driver volunteers taking people in their transport vehicle are fully trained, insured and vetted on a regular basis by RVS.

Note: The Trust is looking for volunteer drivers to work with the volunteer drivers employed by RVS. Training, operating method and contract details will be supplied by RVS. Contact: Brian McGlone 01793 826243 if you are interested in volunteering.

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