Gardening Club: 2016 Meeting dates

As a general rule we meet every first Monday in the month but there are sometimes exceptions. We meet at 7:30pm in the Village Hall unless stated otherwise.

Monday 9 May: Speaker: Talk by Graeme Jago on “Trees in the Garden”. The talk will include things such as: selecting, buying, planting, siting and how long a tree will be around. Graeme has over 20 year’s horticultural experience.

Monday 6 June: Speaker: Talk by Bob or son Pete Briggs of Wanborough Herb Nursery. The talk will include how to grow herbs and how to cook with them. They bring with them a selection of herbs which will then be on sale at the end of the evening at £2 each.

Monday 4 July: BBQ at Catsbrain Farm @ 7pm. Ladies of the group to bring a salad, side or dessert.

Saturday 9 July: South Marston Fete @ 2pm. The Gardening Club stall would very much welcome contributions of: Plants, homemade preserves and cakes which will all be greatly appreciated. Please contact Mike New on 827807.

Saturday 20 August: Annual Flower and Produce Show (Schedule and application form available from Mike New).

Monday 5 September: A visit around a few gardens in South Marston before ending the evening with refreshments in one of the gardens.

Sunday 25 September: Annual outing: Coach trip to “Malvern Autumn Show”.

Monday 3 October: Speaker: Talk by Reg Bolton on “Bonsais”. The talk includes how to start off a tree, how to grow them and how to care for them. Reg will bring along to the meeting a tree which he started off in 1969. He has been growing Bonsais since 1966 and shows his bonsais at Chelsea. He is the founder member of Swindon and District Bonsai Society and he is the President of the European Bonsai Association.

No meeting in November

Monday 5 December: Christmas gardening quiz with food and wine.


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