As the finer weather (hopefully) approaches, we know that some residents will choose to have bonfires to get rid of rubbish and cuttings.

Whilst there are no laws restricting the time and length of bonfires in private gardens, we ask that those planning bonfires follow the sensible guide below to ensure all residents can continue to enjoy their gardens:

  • Please inform neighbours that may be affected that you intend to have a bonfire to allow them to take in washing etc
  • Wet or green materials on bonfires will cause excess smoke.
  • For safety purposes, and to reduce annoyance, it is best to burn a small bonfire and then adding to it as opposed to making one great big bonfire.
  • Keep a hosepipe handy or have buckets of water prepared in case the fire gets out of control
  • Never leave a bonfire unattended.
  • Never burn anything which is likely to cause excessive and pungent black smoke.
  • Rubber tyres and plastic containers should never be put on a bonfire.
  • Avoid lighting bonfires on windy days as the wind will blow the smoke further causing annoyance to even more of our neighbours.


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