HHT application: Update and next steps


On Tuesday 24th May, over 90 residents attended the exhibition arranged by the Parish Council to allow residents to see physical copies of the application recently submitted for the expansion of the village by developer HHT.

The application, which proposes 2,350 new homes as well as new link roads within the village, has now been put out for public consultation by Swindon Borough Council. This consultation period allows residents to view the application and to make comments direct to the Borough. These comments, along with other material, will be used by the Borough to decide the outcome of the application or if any changes are required by the applicant.

We urge all residents to take the opportunity to submit their own comments by the public response deadline of Friday 3rd June. If these are in line with the Parish Council’s comments, this will add weight to those comments. If they make separate points, good!

The guide below should help you to view and understand the application as well as how to submit your comments.

The Parish Council are reviewing the application and will be finalising their response in line with the Neighbourhood Plan at a special meeting.

To view the application:

You can view the application by visiting the Swindon Borough planning website http://pa1.swindon.gov.uk/publicaccess/. In the search box enter the reference S/OUT/13/1555 and press Search.

Click the Documents tab to see the application details. The documents published on 23rd May 2016 are the revised application.

The documents are not indexed in a helpful manner. You need to open the “Content – Appendices” document to see what the individual Appendices deal with. Possibly the most useful documents are the “Revised Design and Access Statement” and “Illustrative Masterplan”.

How to comment on the planning application:

The consultation closes on Friday 3rd June 2016 and all comments must be received by this date. There are three ways to comment on a planning application.

Register as a user of the planning website:

Click to register from the search page. Once registered, search for the application and click on the Comment tab. Click Make a Comment to add your comment to the application. Your email address will not be shown and you can ask to receive an acknowledgement that the comment has been received.

Email the Planning Team:

Comments can be submitted to sbcdc@swindon.gov.uk. Be sure to include the application reference within your email.

Write to the Planning Team:

Comments can be sent to The Planning Team, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH. Be sure to include the application reference within your letter and preferably on the front of the envelope

Useful information

The following are documents that the Borough will refer to when considering any application within South Marston.

Swindon Local Plan http://www.swindon.gov.uk/info/20113/local_plan_and_planning_policy/635/swindon_borough_local_plan_2026

South Marston Neighbourhood Plan http://www.southmarstonplan.com/


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