Old Vicarage Saved

The latest Application to demolish the Hotel buildings show that the substantial Victorian building that gave its name to Old Vicarage Lane is to be preserved.

The Prior Notice for the Proposed Demolition has been lodged with the Borough Council and can be viewed here

The Parish Council is reviewing the proposed conditions and in particular will be emphasising that no heavy traffic should come through the centre of the village. Councillor Russell Holland has written to the Planning officer asking that, if possible, no action should be taken until the planning application has been determined. However, as the buildings are not “Listed”, the powers of the planning system to prevent an action that does not involve a new use are very limited.

Parish Council Chair, Colin McEwen, said “This highlights both the strength and weakness of the draft Neighbourhood Plan. We were not able to insist that the Club was kept open, but citing the Old Vicarage as a Heritage Building has provided evidence for it to be retained to provide a focal point amongst the proposed modern housing.”

One thought on “Old Vicarage Saved”

  1. It has been pointed out that the Old Vicarage could still be lost unless there is a condition on the Development Permission to say that it must be kept. The Borough’s Planning Committee will be meeting in November when this is expected to be decided. We need to keep up the pressure on the Borough in the meantime. – Colin McEwen

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