The South Marston Friendly Club was established to serve people aged 50 and over who live in the local communities.


Provide sociable events which will interest members of this age group. This is achieved by arranging speakers to give talks and demonstrations, entertainers who deliver song and verse to achieve a diverse selection of activities. These activities are selected to stimulate interactive discussion with the speakers and members.

Members are made aware of information related to their age group obtained from statutory bodies and other similar organisations.


The Club is run by an elected committee of club members. The committee, of eight members, is chosen each year at the Annual General Meeting held on the second Tuesday in the month of June by the members. Serving committee members can be re-elected. There is no limit on length of service of committee members.

The current committee is as follows:

  • Officers of the committee.

Sheila Jinks – Acting Chair &Treasurer      Mike Hopkins -Acting Secretary

General committee members.

Jenny Barr, Maureen Morris, Jean Whitfield, Ray Harley, Valerie Goodheart, and Jenny McEwen

We have a club member to represent us on other Village Organisations:

  • Parish Council representative –  Vacancy
  • South Marston Recreation Association representative – Ray Harley

These representatives are tasked with supplying information about our organisation and to advise us of any matters raised by these organisations which could affect us. They report to the committee.


  1. Anyone aged over 50 years old can be a member.
  2. Membership is currently limited to 80 members
  3. Our financial year is 1st June to 31st May.
  4. Annual subscription fee is £15.00 due on the1st June, at the start of the financial year. This annual subscription is to assist in the cost of venue hire, refreshments and one strip of raffle tickets provided to each member attending a meeting. Additional strips of raffle tickets can be purchased for 50p per strip at meetings.
  5. Annual subscription fee for those over 85 years of age is optional.
  6. New members who join the Club within three months from the end of the financial year pay a subscription of £4.00 for this period. i.e. from 1st March to 31st May.
  7. A charge per person of £1.00 is levied at each Club meeting for non members; this includes one strip of raffle tickets per person.
  8. Members’ birthdays are announced at Club meetings, and a birthday card is sent to the member to note this anniversary.
  9. On the sad occasion of a member death a donation of £25.00 is sent to the bereaved family or donated to a charity of their choice.
  10. Our meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month and held in the Village Hall commencing at 2.00pm
  11. Due to Village Hall insurance conditions the maximum number of attendees at meetings is limited to 60 people.
  12. A time table of events is issued to all members and published in the local Newsletter and on the Village web site.
  13. Committee meetings are generally held every two months or as required. Minutes are recorded at these meetings.
  14. The Club does not have any public liability insurance and members on outings arranged for them by the Club do so at their own risk


  • Income from annual membership fee is the basic revenue stream.
  • We organise regular raffles, book sales and bric a brac sales to generate revenue.
  • Local businesses are contacted to request financial assistance when necessary.
  • If applicable grants will be requested.
  • Other fund raising activities, organised by Club members are held during the year at Village events.
  • Fund raising revenue allows a subsidy to be applied to some of our outings.
  • The annual income and expenditure account is independently audited and issued at the AGM.

One thought on “FRIENDLY CLUB”

  1. Please could you ask one of your members, Janet Addison to give me another call regarding her bowl. John Boyne-Aitken on 01225 752373
    it appears that the number I have written down for her is a wrong number.
    Thank you

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