Proposed weight limit on Supermarine Road

Thanks to the work of the community and the Parish Council, Swindon Borough Council have begun a consultation on a proposed 7.5T HGV restriction on Supermarine Road, Swindon.

The proposed traffic order is designed to resolve the issues of HGV’s that are unaware of the weight restrictions already in place on Highworth Road/Thornhill Road and access the area via Supermarine Road. They are then unable to turn around due to the road layout so are forced to access the village. Placing a weight limit on Supermarine Road itself will hopefully prevent this from happening.

Details of the public consultation and the logic behind the proposed order can be seen below.



Notice is HEREBY GIVEN that Swindon Borough Council proposes to make an Order under the relevant sections of The Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be:

To restrict heavy goods vehicle in excess of 7.5t maximum gross weight with the exception of access to proceed along Supermarine Road, C141 and C142.

 The HGV 7.5t restriction along the C142 (Highworth Road) and C141 (Thornhill and Road and Highworth Road) is an existing restriction to be revoked and re-introduced in this Order.

A copy of the draft Order, plan and reasons for the proposal may be inspected at the One Stop Shop, Wat Tyler House, Euclid Street, Swindon during opening hours for a period of 21 days from 10 March 2017.

Objections to the proposed Order, stating the grounds of the objection, should be made in writing to reach the undersigned, quoting reference (ZA/TRO/Supermarine Road) by no later than 30 March 2017.

Head of Highways and Transport Services, Wat Tyler House West, Beckhampton Street, Swindon SN1 2JH, 

10 March 2017

For further information contact the Traffic Section on (01793) 466401 or online

Supermarine Road SOR


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