Monday 13 May 2019 @ 7:30pm to 9:30pm

“Dowsing” by Keith Harmon

This talk will introduce you to the fascinating world of dowsing. Dowsing is usually associated with finding water using dowsing rods. However, dowsing can be used for many purposes including gardening as Keith will explain.

To make this a fun evening dowsing rods will be handed out so you can experience dowsing for yourselves from your chair.

Keith has been dowsing for about 40 years and regularly gives talks and teaches dowsing around the U.K. and America.

Cost: £3 entry fee on the door as a visitor or join the Gardening Club for £12 (annual membership).

Venue: South Marston Village Hall, Old Vicarage Lane, South Marston SN3 4SH

Parking: Old Vicarage Lane, next to the school.

A warm welcome awaits you along with refreshments and optional raffle.