Gardening Club April’s Meeting

Monday 6 April 2020

7:30pm to 9:30pm

“Herbal Remedies from Your Garden” by Lyn Blythe

Come along and learn about medicinal uses from the plants in your garden. Many well-known plants just outside your back door have been used for generations as remedies for a multitude of ailments. To aid memory, settle an upset stomach, fight infection, heal wounds, calm nerves, help a headache or promote sleep!

This traditional use is increasingly supported by scientific research. Herbalists carefully select a combination of herbs tailored to the individual.

There will be time for questions too!

Venue: South Marston Village Hall

Cost: £3 entry fee on the door or £12 for full Membership.

A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as an optional raffle.

For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807, Angela Newton on 07789068340 or find us on Facebook