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100 Club Winners for September


Congratulations to the following winners

£30 No. 41 Pete Withers

£10 No. 109 Janet Cave-Ayland

£10 No. 81 Paul Flitton

£10 No. 35 Derreck Oxby

£10 No. 98 Dotty Bird


100 Club Winners for July and August


July Winners

£10 No. 111 Andrew Newton

£10 No. 8 Audrey Lewis

£10 No. 103 Stacey Woolhouse

£10 No. 66 Alan EcElroy

August Winners

£10 No. 89 Colin McEwen

£10 No. 83 Mary Case

£10 No. 17 David Bickley

£10 No. 35 Derreck Oxby

Congratulations to the above winners

Its not all about Flowers – Stem and Foliage Interest

Monday 3 September 2018 @ 7:30pm to 9:30pm in South Marston Village Hall.

Speaker: Paul Green of Newent, Gloucestershire

Subject: “It’s not all about Flowers – Foliage and Stem Interest”

Paul is often asked “why don’t you like flowers?” Well he does, he loves them! The point is that flowers are not the only thing to get him excited. So many plants have interesting stem colour or texture. What about the range of berries? One of the main themes of plants he grows is for the range of foliage, its shape, size and colour. He’s hoping to tempt you too to try something new. There will be a large range of plants on show in the evening ranging from fairly common to rare and slightly strange!

Paul’s Nursery “Greens Leaves” is a specialist plant nursery which supplies a wide selection of choice, rare and unusual plants, all grown in their Gloucestershire nursery.  They have dedicated their nursery to a collection of rare and specialist plants from around the world and the list is growing.

At the end of the evening, you have the chance to purchase these rare and unusual plants.

Cost: £3 entry fee on the door or £12 for full Membership. A warm welcome awaits you along with tea and cake as well as an optional raffle.

For more information, please contact Mike New on 827807 mobile 07999914751 or Angela Newton on 832034 mobile 07789068340

Flower and Produce Show

Have you ever taken a look at this great Community Village event?

You may not be into showing off your Home-grown Produce but what about showing off your prized Hanging Basket or House Plant, your Cooking and Baking skills or even your Flower Arranging talents? We have a long list of various types of flowers to show from Dahlias” to Sweet peas and cooking skills from Jams to Curds and Sausage rolls to Scones. This year our “flavoured cake is “Ginger”.  Do you have an amazing ginger cake recipe that you think may be a winner?  If none of these appeal to you what about a photograph of either an “Insect” or an “Abandoned building” these are our two Photography categories this year? We also have various categories for showing your Handcrafts from Metal to Wool and a Home Brew section. There’s something for everyone so what are you waiting for?

We haven’t forgotten the children so they can enter too.   Age 5 years and under- Collage Picture, 6 to 8 Years – Posy of Flowers and 9 to 11 Years- Vegetable Monster.

If you are not up to entering this year, why not come along to the Village Hall at 5pm to view the entries and the competition for next year along with tea and cake.  There will be a raffle and auction of donated exhibits at the end of the show at 5:30pm.  A very warm welcome awaits you.

If you would like a copy of the full Schedule and entry form please contact either Mike New Tel 8277807 or Angela Newton 832034



Friday 17 August 7pm to 8:30pm – Register your Exhibits (see list below) at the Village Hall

Saturday 18 August

10am to 12:30pm – Staging of Exhibits

1pm to 4pm – Judging takes place

5pm – Doors open to the public – Admission at door 20p (per adult)

Refreshments and Raffle available

5:30pm – Presentation of Show Winners followed by Auction of Produce (the Committee will be grateful for any exhibit left for sale) and Raffle Prize Draw


1.             3 Potatoes (white or coloured)

2.             5 French Beans

3.             5 Pods of Peas

4.             5 Runner Beans

5.             5 Broad Beans

6.             3 Onions – under ½ lb in weight

7.             3 Onions – over ½ lb in weight

8.             3 Beetroot

9.             1 Courgette

10.         3 Carrots

11.         2 Cabbages

12.         6 Pickling Shallots (under 30mm in diameter)

13.         6 Large Shallots (over 30mm in diameter)

14.         1 Cucumber

15.         3 Tomatoes

16.         Truss of Tomatoes

17.         Collection of any 5 Vegetables (one of each of any 5 different kinds in a seed  tray not exceeding 18” x 12”)

18.         Collection of 5 Salad Vegetables (All different)

19.         Collection of Fresh Herbs

20.         Longest Runner Bean

21.         Heaviest Onion

22.         Heaviest Potato

23.         Any other Vegetable not on schedule

24.         Ugly or Misshapen Vegetable (Please give your vegetable a “name”)

25.          Bowl of Home Grown Fruit (5 of same kind)


26.         Standard Fuchsia


  1. Hanging Basket


28.         1 Single Rose

29.         3 Roses

30.         5 Asters (single or double)

31.         3 Decorative Dahlias

32.         3 Cactus Dahlias

33.         1 Specimen Dahlia (large)

34.         3 Carnations

35.         5 Pansies

36.         5 Stalks of Sweet Peas

37.         3 Spikes of Gladioli

38.         1 Specimen spike of Gladiolus

39.         3 Vases of Flowers (a different variety in each vase – no extra foliage)

40.         Flowering Pot Plant (Geranium, Fuchsia, Orchid etc.)

41.          Foliage Pot Plant (Succulent, Cactus etc.)


42.         Square Floral Carpet (not exceeding 6” x 6”)

43.         Miniature Flower Arrangement (under 4” x 4”)

44.         Floral Wreath “100 WW1”

45.          Arrangement in a Basket (not to exceed 15” overall)


46.         Photograph “Insects”

47.          Photograph “Abandoned Buildings”


48.         Jar Soft Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)

49.         Jar Stone Fruit Jam (in 1lb jar)

50.         Jar Jelly (in 1lb jar)

51.         Jar Marmalade (in 1lb jar)

52.         Citrus Curd (in 1lb jar)

53.         Sweet Chutney (in 1lb jar)

54.         Pickled Onions or Shallots

55.         6 Sausage Rolls

56.         Apple Pie (with pastry top and bottom and no decoration)

57.         6 Cheese Scones

58.         6 Fruit Scones

59.         Bread Pudding or Bread and Butter Pudding

60.         Victoria Sandwich (see ingredients and size of tin below)

61.         Fruit Cake (see ingredients and size of tin below)

62.         Ginger Cake (any shape or size)

63.          Shortbread


64.         Homemade Wine, Lager, Beer, Cider or Liqueur etc.


65.         Metal, Wood or Glass Item

66.         Knitting or Crochet item

67.         Cross Stich or Embroidery Item

68.         Artwork (Charcoal, Watercolour etc)

69.          Material (Fabric, Fur, Felt etc.)


Class G (5 years and under) Collage Picture

Class H (6 to 8 Years) Posy of Flowers

Class I (9 to 11 Years) Vegetable Monster


Victoria Sandwich   Fruit Cake
6oz Self Raising Flour   8oz Self Raising Flour
6oz Caster Sugar   7oz Fruit
6oz Butter or Margarine   4oz Sugar
3 Eggs   4oz Butter or Margarine
Jam   2 Eggs
    1/8th pint Milk
Cakes to be made in 7” size tins using the above ingredients only.  

Judges will use their discretion to disqualify cakes made using any other ingredients or size of tin.

  1. Entry Fees 30p each entry for all classes (Classes A to F).
  2. Class prizes will be awarded – 1st 50p, 2nd  20p  and 3rd 10p
  3. Children’s class 20p to enter (Classes G, H & I).
  4. Children’s class prizes will be awarded – 1st £1, 2nd 50p, and 3rd 20p. Fourth prize and lower a prize for each exhibit.

Open Gardens

Sunday 29 July 2018

2 – 5pm

Lily 2018 Open Gardens.jpg

Tickets on sale now!

£5 per family or £2 individual

This year, in addition to viewing Village Gardens there will be the Chapel in Chapel Lane, the path atLeaze Cottage, a quiet contemplation in both our Village Church – St. Mary Magdalene which has been decorated with flowers by Gardening Club Members and The Village Garden & War Memorial area.


Church Farm House, Church Farm Lane

5 Church Farm Lane (a glass of wine available here)

1 Southview Cottages, Manor Farm Lane

Leaze Cottage, Manor Farm Lane

Manor Farm, Manor Farm Lane (refreshments available here)

Places of Interest:

The Chapel, Chapel Lane

Pigeon Farm, Chapel Lane (Do not enter garden, view from Lane only)

St. Mary Magdalene Church (decorated with flowers)

Village Garden and War Memorial Area

Tickets available in advance from Mike New 827807, Jenny McEwen 825312 or Angela Newton 832034 or on the day at the Village Hall (between 2-4pm).

For more information, contact Mary Case on 325856.

Refreshments available at Manor Farm 

Parking next to the School and Manor Farm Lane

Toilets available on the playing field  

We want you to enjoy the gardens and hope you have a lovely day.

Proceeds in aid of the Gardening Club with a donation to the Village Church funds.


South Marston Summer Fete


South Marston Summer Fete

Saturday 7 July 2018  2 – 5pm

Recreational Field, Between Old Vicarage Lane and Thornhill Road.

What’s on.

Dog Show, Spitfire Flypast, Children’s Fancy Dress, Car Boot, Craft Stalls, Fairground Rides, Music, Raffle, Ice Creams, Fire Engine, Plants and Produce, Refreshments, Beer Tent, Entertainment, Cakes, Face Painting, Tombola and lots, lots more…..

Children’s Fancy Dress: 2:45pm

Age Categories: 0-4 years, 5-7 years and 8+. Cash prize to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in all categories and a prize to each entry.

Car Boot: £10 per car – Entry onto the field from 1pm to set up.

Dog Show: Entries from 1:30pm, Classes and Judging start at 2:30pm


  1. AV Puppy (6-12 months)
  2. AV Sporting
  3. AV Non-Sporting
  4. AV Open
  5. AV Veteran (7 years and over)

Best Pedigree in Show will now be judged

Classes Open to All Dogs:

  1. AV Veteran (7 years and over)
  2. Prettiest Bitch
  3. Best Crossbreed
  4. Best Child Handler (up to 16 years)
  5. Most Handsome Dog
  6. Dog in Best Condition
  7. Best Movement
  8. Best Brace (2 dogs most alike)
  9. Most Appealing Eyes
  10. Best 6 legs


Tug ‘O War – We’re looking for teams of 6 to take part. Winner to take home the “winners” trophy. Contact Jenny McEwen (see below) to register your team no late than Sunday 1 July 2018. 

Cake Donations – Please could we kindly ask for tray bakes, whole cakes and individual cakes to sell on the Refreshments and Gardening Club stalls.  Could we ask you to bring your cake to the blue porta cabin on the recreational field on the day?

Volunteers – We desperately need your help and kindly asking for just an hour of your time in helping to run this year’s Fete?  We are looking for volunteers for the following:

  • Thursday evening (5th July)
    • Put up marquees
    • Put up the bunting
    • Collect items from the village hall (car with trailer ideal)
    • Collect hay bales from within the village (car with trailer ideal)
  • Saturday morning (7th July from 9am)
    • Help lay out tables and chairs for stall holders
    • Help lay out and prepare the refreshments area
    • Mark out car parking, dog show and exit areas
    • Put signage up around the field and on the road
    • Lay out two arenas with hay bales
    • Collect tables from the village hall at 1pm (car with trailer ideal)
  • Saturday during the fete (2pm to 5pm)
    • Car parking attendants
  • Saturday at the end of the fete (5pm)
    • Take down marquees
    • Litter picking
    • Take down banners
    • Take down bunting
    • Return items to the school and village hall (car with trailer ideal)
    • Collect up parking (cones and stakes) equipment
    • Return hay bales (car with trailer ideal)

If you can help in any way, please contact Jenny McEwen 07770 633362, Mary Case 07340 965037 or Angela Newton 07789068340 for more information or to leave your details.

See you all on Saturday 7th July!